Genuine Buddy: A Friend with Benefits

It’s the time of year where we show the ones we love just how much they mean to us, or maybe you’re looking for a mutually beneficial situation with a little more edge. Either way, this Valentines Day make a reservation for two and take a new Buddy 50, Buddy Kick, or Rough House Scooter out on a date that is guaranteed to turn into somethig more than just your average ride around the block. With industry leading performance and reliability the Genuine line of scooters will undoubtedly be that new experience you’ve been craving. Get a 2 year warranty and road side assistance, standard on every Genuine product. No embarrassing subscription required.


Buddy 50cc

Cost $22490
Riding Speed 45+ mph0
Fuel Economy 100+ mpg0
Maintenance (based on avg. yearly tune-up $70)0

The Genuine line of scooters come in all shapes, colors, and sizes! 50cc fun sized or if your desires are for something BIGGER, you have your choice all the way up to 170cc. Come pick the perfect fit for your needs this Valentines Day,