SOLD: 2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT 535

2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT 535

Mileage: 9,172

Ask: $3,500

Continental GT 535

The first Continental GT, a 250cc single, was produced by the original Royal Enfield in the 1960s United Kingdom. At the time the brand was well into its 60th year as a manufacturer of military arms, and eventually motorcycles. Enfield has since undergone many changes in design and ownership. The 535 Continental GT was part of the companies’ revival in the early 2010s as it began to recultivate its ridership and introduce smaller displacement, lighter weight, sporty bikes for city and country use.


Harkening back to the Cafe Racers of 1960’s England and the rebellious counterculture which surrounded it, the Continental GT is an aggressive and edgy bike that carries a lot of attitude in its growling 535cc single cylinder. Its firm stance and chunky tires give it a street scrambler vibe while the clip-on bars, cowled solo seat, and knee-notched tank are directly descendant of cafe bike modification in that era. Dual analog gauges coupled with LCD rider information displays make for a subtle blend of modern and retro. The brilliant Continental Red tank, accessible side covers, and rear cowl are brightly contrasted against yellow rear coil springs surrounding shocks by Paioli. A single chrome megaphone exhaust pipe is open to grumble and howl and wail through the rpm range. Keeping with the retro theme is a functioning kickstart for when you need extra style points at bike nights. This particular model has its wheels wrapped in aggressive, blocky tread Shinko Trail Master E705 tires, 4.10 – 18 front and 150/70-18 rear. And each wheel wears a set of brake calipers and rotors by Brembo.


Riding the GT around town is a blast with a responsive throttle and quick acceleration from the available 44 lbs-ft of torque through an easy-to-shift if a bit sloppy, 5-speed gearbox. The factory tail light assembly was made obscenely cumbersome by DOT regulations but luckily has been ditched in favor of a simple round red light. A real head-turner, you’re bound to be asked multiple times per ride “what year” the bike is or, “is it a restoration”. You’re allowed to blur the lines a bit and answer at your leisure however you see fit, before rumbling off towards the next coffee bar…or your office.


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