To be the Tiger, you must first think like the Tiger.

A message from the Owner: “We are an enthusiast shop where two wheels of all kinds are welcome,” Eric says. “There will never be any kind of attitude given here. I like to think of us as a place for people that don’t have a place. Somewhere that everyone can feel comfortable and be treated fairly. If they are not, I want them to tell me.”


We work on just about any bike, scooter, ATV, UTV, and watercraft. We love them all and enjoy getting you back in the saddle and on the road again. Our pricing is as simple as it gets. We charge $90. per hour and we do not round up. So, if your bike takes half an hour your labor bill is $45, plain and simple. While our rates are the some of the best in the area, we absolutely despise the “surprise bill”. You know the one…where you come to pick your bike up only to find out you needed “some extra work”.

Before you know it, your bill is double or triple what was quoted. Not here. We give you a very good idea as to what your bill will be before any work is done, and if something unexpected comes up, we call you to explain what the situation is before the work begins. We want you to get your bike back at a cost that is reasonable. Regardless, don’t hesitate call us at 314.645.7425 here in Maplewood and will be glad to steer your wheels in the right direction.

★ We handle everything for your motorcycling needs, from oil changes to motor rebuilds, & everything in between.

★ A once over. Got a bike your not sure of? We’ll be happy to look and let you know if any trouble signs are showing.

★ We really love old bikes! While the big dealers scoff at your hipster ride, we’ll gladly take it under the Tiger’s Wing.