Genuine has become well known for their quality and reliability in the 49cc and above scooter market and has been a mainstay of Flying Tiger for many years. The introduction of the G400C motorcycle was welcomed to the fleet with open throttles. The G400C is a lightweight, 398cc single cylinder derived from a Honda CRF400. The new 4 valve layout and un-equal length exhaust header designs make for a rev-happy engine which produces great numbers: 29 horsepower at the rear wheel!

Whether you commute through the city or cruise rural back roads, Genuine has as scooter that will fit your needs and lifestyle. From the smooth lines and bold colors of the Buddy, to the versatility and agility of the Rough House Sport, Genuine delivers quality and affordability in every model.


All 49cc models (Buddy 50, Rough House) feature industry leading reliability from their 2-stroke engines, fuel mileage in excess of 100 MPG, speeds up to 45+ mph,  2 year unlimited mileage warranty, roadside assistance. These models require no special licensing or endorsement to operate and can be ridden using your standard issue Missouri drivers license.

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