by Adam Reed

edited by Kallie Reed


In an ever-changing motorcycle market, riders and manufacturers alike are searching for that perfect nexus of practicality and amusement. As contradictory as that dichotomy might appear, achieving balance in your choice of motorcycle is an important goal while navigating the many and sometimes overwhelming power-sports showrooms and websites. Lucky for you, Genuine Scooters (Motorcycles?) has come up with an option that checks many boxes in both columns.


With a solid nod to the vintage renaissance—or maybe it’s a café revival we’re witnessing—the Genuine G400C takes its styling cues from the coveted era of such classics as the Honda CB and GB and the Yamaha XS. Side-by-side, the lines of the G400C vs. a CB400 are very similar with 19″ front- and 18″ rear-spoked wheels, flat two-up seat, tear drop tank, fork gaters, and round mirrors. Should a custom approach appear more entertaining than the pragmatism of a stock bike, the entire platform can be easily molded to suit the rider’s taste.


The engine itself is a revamped CRF400 Honda power plant sporting a new 4-valve head layout and unequal length headers that help smooth the flow and pulse of the exhaust, making for a “revy” single that feels more like a twin. The engine itself produces a claimed 29 horsepower at the rear wheel, and when you come off the clutch in 1st, you believe it. Thanks to an advanced fuel map, power comes on strong with a broad torque curve that continues to give more, should you ask for more, that is. Fuel economy checks in on the practicality column with 75 mpg and a range of around 240 miles on a full tank.


Recently, it seems as though diet trends have taken over our lives, from meal delivery programs to exercise apps and devices that attempt to save us all from the repeated heavy lifting of our own bad habits. As of late, motorcycles have been on a similar trend. With a large number of manufacturers leaning towards light- and middle-weight bikes in the 500cc class and below, we again find the G400C in the spotlight, weighing in at a nimble 350 pounds, and that’s with a full fuel tank. Despite the featherweight status, the G400C feels strong and planted on city streets as well as a busy freeway. If you are a first-time rider, this may be appealing to you as it inspires confidence in yourself as a rider. Or maybe you’ve been riding for decades and are looking for something easier to push around the garage. In either case, the weight savings make for a competitive advantage.


The one question most dealers encounter, which is typically the least important to an experienced rider, but among the most important for a first timer, is “what’s the cost?” Recent market research has revealed the average spending of a financed motorcycle reflects a promissory note of over $33,000 per bike, and outright purchasers are spending closer to $8,000. Genuine has once again met its potential customer somewhere in the middle of practicality and inspiration by offering a trendy, stylish, well-performing and economical bike built for a large segment of riders, and it all comes at a palatable price tag of just $4,495. That price includes a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty backed by Genuine’s steadfast reliability.

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