2003 Heritage Springer Special 100th Anniversary-SOLD

2003 Harley-Davidson Heritage Springer 100th Anniversary

Mileage: 13,520

Ask: $11,875

The 100th Anniversary Heritage Springer Softail has a lot of names and carries a lot of history. This bike takes nearly all of its cue from the post-war Harley that every fan of the brand drools over. The 1394cc V-twin is not particularly powerful, the gearbox not refined, the springer front end sends you bouncing down the pavement and offers little in the way of cushion. The frame is low and long and difficult to navigate around parking lots. You may be thinking that these all sound like terrible qualities in a bike that will set you back nearly $12,000 almost 20 years after its manufacture, but you’d be wrong. If you wanted superior handling and rider characteristics in tune with your particular ricing style, you’d get a BMW. If you an engine with technologically impressive performance, undoubted reliability, and stellar fuel economy, you would get a Honda. But this bike is true to the design language and engineering of the past, and for better or worse is thoroughly classic Harley-Davidson with a few modern touches sprinkled on.


A true cruiser, the Heritage Softtail is sleek, shiny, and stable. It’s built to be smooth and confident on long highway rides or winding through a canyon. You may not keep pace with other models in the HD lineup, or even get more than a glimpse of sport-tourers from overseas manufacturers, but you probably won’t even notice them. I’d imagine that as the 4-valve V-twin engine rumbles along that stretch of scenic road you’ll be less concerned about the cornering g’s of the latest Ducati, or the LED user interface of the latest Triumph Tiger. You probably won’t be thinking about adaptive cruise control or electronic active suspension. More than likely you’ll arrive at your destination, wind down the 1450cc engine, put out the kickstand and stare at whatever sight you came all this way to see, and you’ll love it all the same.


Wearing whitewall tires this particular Springer is a 100th Anniversary Edition. It comes with bags, highway bars, windscreen, and a small passenger backrest. The clock shows just over thirteen and a half thousand miles.






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