2017 Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber – Nero Massiccio

2017 Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber – Nero Massiccio

Black & Yellow


Mileage: 0

Ask: $6999

My first motorcycles was a bobber. Just as most of our behaviors in life lean on patterns which develope early on, so follows my affinity for a bobbed bike of any manufactuer. Moto Guzzi has created a striking beast of a bobber with a 850cc powerplant in their traditional flying V transverse format, which produces a robust 55bhp and 46 ft lbs of tourque, all of which is available at 3000 rpm. You can feel that power in every gear, with every twist of the throttle. The engine in this bike provides more than just a feeling; it’s a verstile tool to use at your discretion and blasts you off the line with a glorious roar.


The styling is spot on with trimmed lines, shortened fenders, a flat suede seat, no-frills attitude, all black everything, and a nice set of large Continental Milestones in 130/90-16 F and 150/80-16 R.It’s not all looks either. The powerplant, as stated before is as powerful as it is efficient. The handling is nimble for its dimensions and forgiving for its type. It will handle with ease anything you throw its way, and guaranteed you’ll want to push further and harder than you’d expected.


Bobbers appeared in the United States after World War II, built by passionate riders who stripped away all details superfluous to their goal of running fast on dirt tracks. To compete in these conditions the riders used to mount oversized tyres, giving the bikes a wide footprint. In line with this style, the V9 Bobber abandons any chrome plating and glossy finish for matt black details. The side panels and fuel tank are thus pitch black, with just a few graphic details in yellow or matt red. The exhaust unit, mirrors and both metal mudguards are painted in “dark matt”. The rear mudguard has been carefully shortened and reduced in size, so as well as including a very compact optical unit, it makes a big contribution to the minimal look of the V9 Bobber.


This bike has ZERO miles and never been started. It is a brand new bike carrying a full factory warranty. It is marked far below retail to encourage its selling. Please consider this bike for 2020.



For further information, to schedule a test ride, or to purchase, please fill out the form below. Come take her for a spin and see for yourself.

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