SOLD! : 2016 Zero FXS

2016 Zero FXS


Mileage: 350

Ask: $8,000


It’s difficult to talk about this bike without making shameless references to the Electric Slide, but for the sake of brevity and to spare ourselves the embarrassment, we’ll leave this sentence as the sole reference piece. 90’s dance smashes aside, the engineers at Zero Motorcycles have created a superior electric bike that will take you here, there, and everywhere. The 6.5kWh dual, swappable, 18650 packed battery packs, coupled with the brushless motor and kevlar drive belt produce 78 lb-ft of instantly available torque. That initial power and a low curb weight of only 293lbs will take you on a party ride from 0 – 60 in just 4 seconds. Keep an eye on your speed and power usage with the BlueTooth mobile app, featuring custom controls like available torque, top speed, and regenerative braking. Find the sweet spot in your settings to get here, there, and everywhere, for about 100 miles. Recharge is less than mystic with the factory stage one charge cord (see: the cord of your average flatscreen tv) and just plug it into your nearest 110v outlet. Boogie-woogie.


For further information, to schedule a test ride, or to make a purchase inquiry, please fill out the form below.

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