For Sale: 2013 Honda NC700X

2013 Honda NCX700

Mileage: 15,960

Ask: $5,500

Vs the Versys


At first glance, the NC700X looks undeniably similar to most other adventure tourers on the market. Its tall, hawk-like features make it look like some tactical scout unit waiting to be outfitted with surveillance gear.  An angular adjustable touring windscreen wide swept handlebars and upright seating position set the stage for long-term travel. Slimmer than average 17″ wheels at the front and rear cue the trained rider to quick steering and maneuverability. The 6.7 inches of ground clearance alert you to the possibilities of rough terrain ahead. It appears lean, sure-footed, and capable.


Lucky for you this version of the same bike made by everyone else has more than a few significant advantages. The first of which is its simplicity. Once again, Honda has decidedly broken the mold by offering incredibly balanced performance at an unbeatable price. Sidebar: My tenure in the moto world has retrained me to notice that the price point between technological terrors and entry-level city cruisers can be no more or less than a couple of thousand. Unlike the car world where a model range within a single manufacturer can span tens of thousands, more often the cost/performance margin of motorcycles is a slim and unbalanced ratio where just a couple thousand or even just a couple of hundred dollars can net or lose the would-be rider certain features or advantages. Sometimes it seems it’s a war of attrition on the sales side, but I digress. The NCX700 ticks most boxes of a capable ADV tourer and Honda accomplished this for just $7000 MSRP. Circling back to the opening line of this paragraph, they did it without the need for ultra-tech driven components in either chassis or engine. As with most things Honda this bike is an homage to balances.


Twin 41mm Showa monotube forks and a single Showa rear shock carry and agile frame, a 670cc parallel-twin engine, between 17″ wheels. There is nothing fancy in the design of these components but in this configuration, with a 60.5-inch wheelbase and a rake angle of 27* (4.3 in trail), the NCX delivers sharp, clean handling characteristics with high sustained cornering speeds and confident tracking. Twin-piston single caliper front brakes and single-piston caliper rear – again nothing fancy – are more than adequate. In the name of disclosure, they are an area in which Honda found price reduction was possible. Could it benefit from a dual front brake system and something a bit more bitey on the rear? Of course, but this is Honda where sometimes “enough” is maybe “too much”.


The engine itself is spectacularly Honda in that you barely realize it’s there. From idle to cruise to redline it thrums along in each of the six gears without complaint or flourishes. Surprisingly, it makes as much or more torque than a ZX6-R and a Street Triple, both bikes decidedly higher performers. Thanks to meticulous engineering and tuning by Honda that torque comes on just off idle and by 2500 rpm you have a plethora of pounds-feet to play with, 44 of them to be exact, maximizing horsepower all the way to redline. We can’t claim the 700 is fast, but it does the job of 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds, on par with the Kawasaki Versys and both the Ducati and Triumph Scramblers. The recorded top speed is 111mph, more than enough to get to work on time or chase down rivals.


Frame dimensions and the placement of the fuel tank below the 32-in high seat round out the NewConcept700 package. The low-slung fuel tank means that the traditional tank housing now functions as a front-trunk (frunk) with enough storage capacity for your helmet, some post-road sodies, or even some snacks and rain gear for longer trips. Honda even offers/offered spacious carrying cases, crash bars, and other accessories to complete the functionality of the bike. Again, we see Honda relying on simple adherence to design principles and simplicity in engineering rather than active suspension, adaptive riding modes, or flashy LED screens to attract riders. So who is this bike made for, you might ask? Well…everyone from new rider to returning rider. And everyone in between. The NC700X does it all and does it well. Some may say better than expected.


For further information, to schedule a test ride, or to purchase, please fill out the form below. Come take her for a spin and see for yourself.