FOR SALE: 2012 BMW GS R1200

2012 BMW R1200 GS
Triple Black

Mileage: 36,561

Ask: $12,499

We can only imagine the internal marketing pitch at BMW by the design team who envisioned the R1200 GS as being a sinister, Lord of the Rings-style event, with an opening salvo of, “one ADV bike to rule them all”. Hyperbolic as it may sound, the truth is closer than you think. The BMW R1200 GS is one of the most capable and technologically advanced adventure bikes on the market. This generation GS sports the oil & air-cooled version of the legendary flat-twin (now1200cc) powerplant. Many advancements were made for the model year which culminates in not only one of the greatest ADV bikes you can buy but one of the best all-around riding experiences in modern motorcycling.


An engine update from the previous 1100cc mill was a welcomed addition which overall shaved more than 50 lbs from the total weight of the GS. Thanks to a new dual overhead cam layout the engine is able to produce more torque at lower RPM, maximizing throttle response in any condition. Without transforming a simple article into another catch-all moto-trope, we can safely say about the R1200 GS that it is a do-anything, go-anywhere bike which will “do” without falter or hesitation. The engine management, which supports the electronic intake pipe injection and BMS-K+ digital engine management with overrun fuel cut-off and twin spark ignition further maximize the powertrain, drivability, and fuel economy making the GS just as functional and effective on your way to work as shoving it down a gravel path, or over an outcropping of desert boulders.


BMW Motorrad Telelever front suspension with 41mm stanchion tubes and a central spring strut handles all the rough terrain you can throw at it, giving the rider incredible feedback and control. The front spring preload offers a 5-position mechanical adjustment. The rear suspension includes a cast aluminum single-sided swing arm with BMW Motorrad Paralever technology. The paralever system, which combines the tasks of the rear suspension and power transmission, eliminates the forces induced by the cardan shaft drive to a great degree, which otherwise lead to the suspension stiffening during acceleration. Once in harmony with WAD strut travel-related damping, hydraulically adjustable spring preload, and rebound damping adjustability, the setup makes for sensitive rear-wheel feedback. Dependant on riding mode and condition, the rear shock adjusts which in turn lengthens or shortens the swing arm to provide greater stability or enhance steering. 7.5 inches of front suspension travel and 7.9 inches of rear suspension travel give plenty of ground clearance. Riding on loose gravel, dirt, rocky paths, or even the ribbon of highway tarmac the GS feels incredibly balanced. Despite its wet weight of over 500 lbs (unladen), the bike feels light and agile, with easy turn-ins and point-and-shoot steering.


Offered here in the coveted Triple Black paint scheme this GS carries a full complement of Touratech gear, valued at over $6,100. Upper and lower crash bars protect the tank, engine, and frame. Removable and lid-configurable Zega EVO side panniers and top case offer over 115 liters of storage space. Nestled between the frame and right side case hides the Zega EVO toolbox. It doesn’t stop there. There is an aluminum skid plate, front-engine splash and rock guard, fule line guard kit, headlight guards, foglight guards, and valve cover crash protectors. Aluminum footpegs give your boots better grip for the tough terrain and an extra-large aluminum kickstand footpad gives the stand extra hold for those hard-earned breaks. A slightly taller GP touring windscreen cuts down on buffeting and the bark buster hand guards add more protection from the elements. Let’s not forget the factory heated grips and their life-saving powers. The previous owner outfitted the rear cases with [never used] jerry can and water bottles, strapped neatly into removable harnesses. The entire rig is covered by a fitted Touratech weatherproof cover, including the hard cases.


Other things to note are Euro 5 compliant exhaust flap for extra boxer grumble, carbon fiber rear fender, and MudSling fender liners. Both fluid reservoirs on the handlebars are protected with tidy, GS-relief aluminum guards. The seat has been replaced with a Sergent cool-gel foam saddle, though the stock board comes with the bike. A throttle lock serves as easy cruise control since this generation is not fly-by-wire, thankfully. A battery tender with an LED indicator has been installed. The Metzeler tires are in great shape showing minimal and regular wear.

The bike was recently serviced at BMW and carries its latest report card, which it passed with all A+’s.


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