SOLD! 2003 Suzuki Bandit 1200S

2003 Suzuki Bandit 1200S


Mileage: 12,933

Ask: $3200

In the late 90’s our friends over at Suzuki had an idea for bike that fit between the lines of its brand and offered something…else. Not quite a sportbike, not quite a tourer, not even really a sport-tourer, but a sporty touring-ish bike that made great power and was a hell of a ride. Beginning its life as derived from the late 80’s GSX1100 powerplant, Suzuki created a raw-edged semi-touring machine that was less aggressive than the GSX but didn’t pull its punches, either. This bike came about at the break of the naked bike revolution, when manufacturers began designing retro-inspired standards apcked with sporting elements borrowed from their evolving sport and superbike lines.


Making 97bhp at 8500RPM the previous generation GSX engine was more than adequite for the sturdy chassis of the GSF Bandit. Lightweight components and bodywork helped keep the weight down around 470 lbs; it was heavier than a sportbike but lighter than a tourer, and perched up at 30.1 inches it offers a more comfortable riding position for longer days and a more confident and commanding view of the road. The handling on the Bandit S is smooth and crisp while still being cushy enough for varying types of road surfaces and grades. You’ll likely not keep pace with an experienced rider on a GSXR or similar sportbike, but you will outrun most other bikes in and above its calss, and you’ll not find yourself missing the apex out of shear boredom either.


More on the engine. The four 34mm Mikuni carburetors utilize a throttle position sensor and digital ignition in conjunction with finely tuned intake side on dual overhead cams to make power on demand. The 1157cc engine produces a beefy torque curve generates 66.9 ft lbs, available in full at 4500RPM. Stainless steel downpipes and a 4-into-1 exhaust help manage weight and gave it an aggressive tone. On our Bandit, the stock pipe has been tossed aside in favor of a carbon fiber Yoshimura system. The Bandit pulls hard and gets to speed with no hesitation.


Braking on this model was upgraded to dual 6 piston front calipers measuting 310mm and a single rear disc measurng 240mm. These stoppers are a far cry better than that of that of the late 90’s model which left litte write home about. The factory seat was comfortable, to be sure, but on ours we have fitted a Corbin seat for extra cush on your tush, allowing for long rides to become even longer. And with 5.3 gallons in your tank you can spread out your coffee breaks a little longer as well. Adjustable pre-load front cartridge style forks, and bound/rebound adjustable rear damper help tune the ride to your liking. All this rolled to the showroom at a price tag of around $7500 in 2003, which is over $10,000 in 2020 dollars, placing it comfortably alongside


For further information, to schedule a test ride, or to purchase, please fill out the form below. Come take her for a spin and see for yourself.

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