SOLD: 2002 Moto Guzzi V11 Scura

2002 Moto Guzzi V11 Scura


Mileage: 24,254

Ask: $4,000


I recently read such a great article about the V11 Scura that I am struggling with not simply copying and pasting it here for you to enjoy. Alas, as originators of ideas, plagiarism is not in our wheelhouse and I’m forced to be objective. Yet, to borrow an idiom from the article, it’s difficult to be objective about such a machine that exists in its own class, and sort of carries along with its pedigree an ethos all its own. Simply stated, this bike emotes.


Understanding this bike, at best, is like understanding the intricacies of your own heart. Maybe don’t try. Its powerplant, a reliable design, decades old. Simple. Effective. Aggressive. Its poise, sexy and elegant yet grotesque in a paradoxical mash of Italian-designer styling and technological terrorism. “Scura”, means dark in Italian so it follows that carbon fiber covers nearly every available corner, within the limitations of excellent taste, of course. The only hint of luminosity is the gold anodized housings of fully adjustable titanium coated Ohlins forks, steering damper, and rear mono-shock.


The tech doesn’t begin and end with the superior Swedish suspension dampening. Guzzi engineers built this bike around its engine with simplicity ever present in mind. A clever rectangular brace extends down no further than the rear of the engine case holding aloft the 1064cc L twin, sharing its own weight across a structural cross tube. A floating bevel drive case prevents unwanted suspension compression under engine-braking. The gearbox is a 6-speed unit reminiscent in operation to the precision of Suzuki’s designs. Shifts are smooth, quick, and accurate. Dual Brembo calipers and vented rotors bring all 480lb’s to rest with a socking but tractable quickness. Those top-shelf Ohlins dampers keep dive well in check while allowing you to push through the twisties with the nimbleness of a much smaller bike; once of course, you take into account the weight and dimension you are pitting against gravity and traction.


So then what is this bike? A sport? Sport tourer? The culmination of decades of European engineering, passion, and design? “All of the above” is an easy and obvious response to such questions. Best to leave matters of the heart where they lie, waste no energy looking for logic, and just feel your way along the road.



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