SOLD: Two 1990 Zuma II Riva Scooters!

1990 Yamaha Zuma II Riva (They, them, partners)

Mileage 1: 1,903

Mileage 2:  1,777

Ask: $3000 for BOTH!

Time to grab your bestie and blast over to The Max and chill! Yeah, nerds, not one but TWO totally radical 1990 Yamaha Zuma II Riva Scooters that are seriously all that and a bag of chips. Oh my bad, you want just one? Well, talk to the hand. These scoots came in attached at the hip and are being sold as pair.  Wanna cruise into the danger zone? Well, show me the money. $3000 bucks, little man, put sh*t in my hand.


Problemo, muchacho? Shyyeah right. As if… Both scooters are under 2000 miles, run great, ride great, and look like a 90’s dream come true, so don’t even trip. Neon tube socks and slap bracelets not included. Party on, dudes.




For further information, to schedule a test ride, or to purchase, please fill out the form below. Come take her for a spin and see for yourself.