SOLD: 1978 Honda CT90 Trail 90

1978 Honda CT90

Mileage: 5,364

Ask: $2500

The CT90 was designed to be a light and highly maneuverable trail rider. Utilizing a electable high and low gear range, the CT90 is a versatile bike and could be considered Honda’s first ever dual-moto. Take this little dude out on a trail, flick the selector switch located on the bottom of the transmission into LOW, and benefit from a 1.867:1 reduction. Crawl, climb, and swamp your way through most any type of terrain. At 179 lbs dry you’re sure to be able to go virtually anywhere you can imagine, even deep water crossings. Due to cleverly designed high exhaust system the CT90 is capable of nearly submerging its engine. And if distance is your forte, rides have reported as high as 175 MPG when in LOW gear set. Flick the transmission back to high range and the CT90 see’s speeds up to 55 mph.
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