EPISODE 1: Batteries and Tenders
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EPISODE 1: Batteries and Tenders

We like you a lot better when you’re riding. Honestly! Who wants disgruntled and discouraged bike owners? No one. So in an effort to keep you where we like you: on the road and with your bike or scooter under your butt, we have started to put together a series of videos with helpful hints, tips, tricks, and basic DIY info to help you spend less time in the shop and more time on the open road. Or in traffic. Either way, you’re riding and that is what matters.

EPISODE 1. Anakan don’t pod race and there is no Jar Jar Binks, so rest easy. We talk a little bit about keeping your battery fresh and ready for the road ahead. Battery tenders are easy to use and will ensure that your battery remains charged while you’re not riding. Simply instal the terminal end plug to your positive  and negative battery terminals and plug in the ac adaptor when your bike is parked for long durations. This will help to maintain the charge on your battery and help it start easy  peasy every time.

The battery tender and battery tender jr are available at Flying Tiger for a very affordable price. Consider it a small insurance policy for your battery and your riding habits. Pick one up today. And watch this video. And stay tuned for more. And ride safe.