1995 Honda CBR 600 F3

1995 Honda CBR 600 F3

A strong contender right in the middle of the CB heritage, the infamous F3 CBR is a lean track racer with no frills, and all of the thrills. The 599cc DOHC inline 4 makes 100bhp at 12,000 revs (16k rev limit), its breath drawn through a dual stage ram air system. Though it was the last CBR to be carried by a steel frame it weighs in at just 454lbs and carries it like a fitness runner. Power is responsive and with 43.7 ft lbs of torque on tap, this bike will get out of a traffic pinch with a quick twist of the throttle even when you’re up a gear.

This particular CBR wears the White, Purple, and Neon Yellow livery. A purely 90’s color scheme and one of our ultimate favorites here at the shop. Butt padding is provided by a custom wrapped white leather seat. The stock exhaust has been discarded in favor of a Yoshi slip-on and when you’re on the pipe, a glorious wail alerts traffic that you came to party. Rounding our our 90’s theme is an amber windscreen for added street cred.

MILES: 38,300

ASKING: $3,000

Wanna Ride?

Teresa Swanson
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