ZRX1200R – Architectural Elements

Rande Hackmann of local design studio Architectural Elements has been welcomed aboard the Rebel Yell Bourbon – Rebels Uncaged 2017 bike buildto create for us some special designs we’ve laid on his work table. We will view this as a collaborative effort to produce a unique and impressive piece of functional moto-art.

 Architectural Elements has its majority focus in industrial and commercially inspired design installations for work spaces, restaurants, and homes. His craftsmanship is rivaled only by his creativity and the endless wealth of ideas. He has an ability to draw inspiration from pop culture trends, historical reference, or just allow his hands to do the thinking. I would say that his most unique asset is his meticulous attention to the selection of materials. Whether its retrofitting or rehabbing vintage industrial bits or molding new shapes and forms from hand selected piece of metal, wood, or resin, each piece is as unique as it is beautiful.