2012 Kawasaki Z1000 – SOLD!

A terrifying and awesome Japanese sports naked provocateur, boasting impressive stats, superior styling, and balanced riding characteristics, the Z1000 has found its home with aggressive, veteran street bike riders who are looking for something edgy but – dare we say – more practical(?) The dual cam inline four produces a beastly 136 hp and has no want for the availability of that power. Turn on the tap and if you’re not among the more experienced riders, you could be in for a big surprise in the form of lots of numbers flashing past on the digital dash. Drawing inspiration from other “Streetfighters” the styling is aggressive and robotic. Looking much more like one of JJ Abrams Transformers than a “standard” sport bike the riding position on the Z1000 is surprisingly comfortable and slightly forward from up-right, as opposed to tucked with clip-on’s and rear sets. Not for the faint of heart, this Kawi is ready to take an advanced rider to the brink back.

MILES: 7,871

ASKING: $6,800

Wanna Ride?

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